Kuwait Airways


Kuwait Airways.....50 Years of Success

Kuwait Airways Corporation has always proved its ability to be competitive and distinct in rendering services to all its passengers. This was substantiated when KAC attained the certificate of the American Federal Control Board for meeting the safety conditions, and also the certificate of the European Community Group for Rules & Regulations upon which it was certified to perform maintenance on aircraft, equipment and engines for other airline companies holding this certificate.

Kuwait Airways Corporation was also selected for Air Safety Award 2000 for its outstanding record of Air Safety. The award was based on Kuwait Airways consistency in meeting all the important international safety standards such as FAA's International Aviation Safety Assessment Program (IASA) in which Kuwait Airways ranked in category 1. On behalf of the statistical support team at Air Safety Awards, Mr. Larry Haverkamp, Executive Director of Air Safety Awards, visited Kuwait Airways and presented the airline with the Year 2000 Air Safety Award for 'Best Airline for Air Safety'.

Throughout its history, even during the turmoil of Gulf War, Kuwait'
safety standard were not questioned.