Passports and Visas

The UK Passport Service deals with:

  • applications for new passports
  • passport renewals
  • lost or stolen passports
  • name changes

You can apply for a passport by requesting an application pack and sending it by post or by applying online.

Application turnaround times and fees

Application turnaround times vary according to the service you are requesting, but most postal applications are returned within three weeks of receipt. The UKPS can also provide a fast-track processing service, for a higher fee, to have applications processed in as little as 48 hours.

Fees range from 42 for an adult first-time application, to 89 for a fast-tracked renewal or amendment (fees subject to change).

The future of passports

Border security is a major international issue and we are committed to tackling identity fraud by strengthening the integrity of the UK passport.
One of our major priorities is the launch of the national identity cards scheme scheduled for 2008.

Central to this will be the introduction of biometric passports featuring a chip containing a scanned image of passport holders unique facial features, like iris patterns.

We'll also be bringing in face to face interviews for all first-time adult passport applicants from late 2006.

More about passports

Find out everything you need to know about passports on the United Kingdom Passport Service (UKPS) website.