Airport Parking

Airport Parking makes your life a breeze. When you travel abroad or within Britain you often have to think of many things. You have to think about what to pack, travel insurance, remembering your passport and also a good book to read on your journey. Have you thought about how you are going to get to the airport?

Saying you're going to Heathrow. You could take the tube, or the Heathrow Express, but then you have to take your bags on those, and getting to Paddington by tube for the Heathrow Express lugging huge bags isn't easy. So maybe you may take a minicab. From the outskirts of London this is at the very least £20 each way, probably more. Some people may take a coach, or bus, but again you have to lug your luggage around. This is why some people will drive to the airport. Completely in control of their time, and able to choose where to put their car. If you put a price on convenience, then the cost of parking at the airport may not be that much in the greater scheme of things.

With some airports, of course, you don't have the choice of how to get there like you do with London's airports. You HAVE to drive, or get a cab, which means that the parking facilities are even more important. Well, due to the classic ability of the business world to meet demand, there is a great choice of parking facilities at every major airport in the UK.

When we talk about airport parking there are two types. The first is "public" parking, which is provided by the airports themselves, and the second type is "private" parking, which is provided by private companies, hence the name. This site details the parking facilities offered by the airports plus the major port and train station serving Europe, telling you the user about the choice, giving you instructions for finding and using them, detailing prices where possible, and any other information we think you'll find useful. The private car parks have provided links on these sites, so you can follow those links to read about what they have to offer.

One thing you should always consider is pre-booking your car park space. Not only can you make sure that you get the car park that you want, but you can also save money.

Another thing you should look out for is security. Your car is important to you, and you will want to make sure that it is safe. So you should look for the car park that you use to have been awarded Secured Car Park Status by the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers), and is administered by the British Parking Association.