Airline Flight Classes

The choices for Premium, Business and First class travel are expanding all the time. We are geared to tailor make any journey for anyone according to their budget and requirements. This is reflected in the flexibility and the cost of each individual enquiry.

First Class

Typically you will receive all the benefits lounge - these dedicated spaces offer a calm environment away from the crowds. Elegantly decorated and welcoming provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy a pre-flight refreshment. Seats - the biggest seats and beds available are smartly equipped and comfortable. Get pleasure and feel pampered working, resting and sleeping while travelling. Dinner- order what you like when you like it; It will be individually and freshly prepared for you. Why not accompany your food with the finest wines and Champagnes available from the on-board cellar?

Business Class

Typically you will receive all the benefits lounge - Enjoy full business facilities and stylish bars at the designated lounges. Work or relax in comfort before your journey starts. Seats - lavishly equipped and spacious. Unwind or sleep from take off to landing. Dinner- freshly prepared meals will be served at carefully selected times to maximise sleep and privacy during your flight.

Premium Economy

check in- confirm with us if your particular journey offers fast check- in. Seats – most airlines allocate a separate cabin with bigger and wider seats, more leg room - a head and leg rest and more seat pitch. Go on make your journey in comfort! Dinner – prompt attentive service, a three course meal and complimentary bar service through out the flight will make you feel special.